Sharon Borrows

Certified Personal Trainer

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Phone: (518) 334-2841
Email: [email protected]

In my teen years I became a very avid runner and started weight training. I also experimented with other various forms of exercise such as Yoga and Pilates. I was always fascinated and intrigued by the transforming power and the importance of fitness, mind, body, and soul. Over 7 years ago I determined to achieve my Personal Trainer certificate. After working in one on one training facilities and coming to realize how rewarding it is to share my passion with others, I also received a specialty certificate in Yoga and Pilates. In addition I am also Barre Certified and have instructed cardio dance and kickboxing classes. I am fully confident that if thereís anything I was born to do, as my contribution, itís to be a trainer and instructor. I have designed a number of my own Pilates routines, Barre Routines and Personal training whole programs. My goal working with any given individual is to recognize them on a holistic level as a unique person. My deepest desire is that everyone should truly make the progress they desire, whether itís aesthetic appeal, corrective exercise, sports specific strength, and have fun in the process. I know the difference particular methods have made in my own body and nothing makes me happier than when my clients know the difference for themselves as well.