When you say the year 2020 most people shudder and say I am glad it's over. Things were definitely a bit challenging and different this year…. but let's take a look at some of the benefits. There was a record numbers of people getting out in nature and visiting their local recreation spaces. Parents got to spend their lunch break outside playing catch or soccer with their kids. Dogs that normally stay home all day accompanied their families for walks around the neighborhood. Drive in movies had a comeback. Homemade bread and meals have become commonplace as families have less driving, to eat up their time. We learned to value and appreciate frontline workers, even more. La Madrona was blessed to be able to continue programs in Tennis, Swim and After School Recreation. Stretching, lifting weights and sweating outside, where the air is fresh and the view is uncompromised, has become the new norm. Our November and December Uplift trees were filled with blessing and gratefulness written and displayed by our members, young and old. Most importantly there was an increase in kindness, courtesy, looking into each other's eyes and coming together as a community. I feel blessed to be part of the La Madrona family!