Update from General Manager


What a whirlwind we have all been in! I hope everyone has been hanging in there.

Although still busy working as we prepare to open (hopefully soon) I have truly enjoyed a slower pace of lifestyle. It has allowed me to spend a lot more quality time with my family. I have been able to focus on my vegetable and flower garden, try some new recipes, and go on lots of walks.

Now that the month of April has blown by and we are now in May. I am hoping our reopening date is soon on the horizon! This gorgeous weather- with fog free mornings and warm nights are just calling for us to all get back in the pools and play tennis again. Rest assured, once we get the green light from the county to open we will! Our staff have all been working hard on planning and preparing to make sure the Club is safe and follows all the expected guidelines and requirements that will be asked of us.