Tennis Afterschool Program


Red Ball: Monday and Thursday 330-430
Red Ball is for players ages 5-7 to develop their Athletic skills "ABC's" (agility, balance, coordination) and their manipulative skills (reception, handling, projection). The student will also be introduced to the basic fundamental tactical and technical skills needed to build upon as they get older.

Orange Stars: Tuesday and Thursday 330-430
Orange Stars is for players ages 8-10 to further refine their Athletic and manipulative skills learned in the previous stage, the orange star will learn to use the five ball controls (direction, depth, height, spin and speed). At this stage, through games, drills and lots of fun, the student will learn different grips, lower and higher contact points, longer and faster swing shape and a more sophisticated service motion.

Advanced orange Star with Wednesday and Friday 330-5
The advanced orange star player will work on similar objectives as our regular orange star but will have a goal of graduating to our High Performance program in the future. The advanced orange will be a small group selected by our tennis professionals.

Tennis Academy: Tuesday, Thursday 4-6pm
Tennis Academy is for players ages 11-16 looking to participate in a sport of a lifetime. Whether at the beginner or intermediate level, the student will learn all aspects of tennis from footwork, stroke production and match play. While the emphasis is on keeping the fun aspect of the game, the player will work on mastering the tactical and technical part of tennis.

High Performance: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 330-6pm *
High Performance (HP) is for players ages 9-16 wanting to excel in the sport of tennis. This player is looking for intense training for tournament play, High School season preparation or have goals for a college tennis career. The main requirement for the HP player is a strong desire to excel in the game of tennis. Through a comprehensive game based approach, the focus will be on learning and perfecting all aspects of the game: psychological, physical, tactical and technical.

*In order to register for this program, approval from our Tennis Director is required. Contact him at [email protected].

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