League Team Guidelines

USTA teams are intended to provide a supportive environment for recreational players in which team camaraderie, competitive challenge, sportsmanship, game and fitness improvement are fostered. 

  1. At the beginning of each season, the Tennis director will register a team at each level possible at the club. Interested Captains*, should reach out to the Tennis Director to gain access to captainship.
    • *We would prefer to see a rotation of captains through the seasons but any volunteer is very much appreciated.
  2. Once all captains are determined and that the USTA has posted all matches schedules, the Tennis Director will hold a Captain’s meeting. The home matches dates and time will be decided then.
  3. Our Teams should match the general competition levels of our members. Members outside of these parameters will be offered other options to enjoy their tennis at La Madrona and beyond.
  4. The Club highly recommends having at least twice the number of players required for a match on the roster. This would assure a “healthy team” and a lesser risk of defaulting a match.
  5. Each team must be open to all Club members at level. For 2.5 or 4.5(+) teams the following may occur:
    • If more players are needed to complete the team, up to 2 non-members may be recruited. All non-members must obtain the Tennis Director’s approval before registering on the team.
    • Non-members will be charge a $50 guest fee that is payable prior to registering on the team. Guest will be allowed to attend one team practice a week and home matches.
  6. Team practices are encouraged once a week. Individual team players, not the teams, may book up to two courts for practices. The court cancellation policy of 1hr will apply for no shows.
    • N.B. Team practices must be announced to all players and may not exclude any team member, regardless of their rating or other factors.
  7. Once a team is established and that players are all rostered, captains must see that each team member plays a minimum of two matches assuming the players offer reasonable availability.
  8. Line-ups, frequency of play for each player, team’s competitiveness, practices, coaching, etc… should be established by a team decision.
  9. Team Coaching and Practices may be offered and organized but should not weigh in on frequency of play nor required to participate.

*Should any of these guidelines not be followed, The Club reserves the right to apply sanctions against a team or a player. *

Link to helpful USTA guidelines

*We would prefer to see a rotation of captains through the seasons but any volunteer is very much appreciated.