Lap Swimming Etiquette

  1. Drop-in lap lanes (3 & 4) are for lap swimming only, select lane based on availability as well as your swim speed. Lane 4 will be the fastest lane.
  2. Drop-in lanes are first-come-first-serve. During peak or busy times it may be necessary to share the lane space with other lap swimmers
  3. When entering a lane with other swimmers, please make sure to notify the active swimmers
  4. When you enter the water, never dive, jump, or push off into oncoming swimmer(s). Wait until they have made the turn and pushed off.
  5. Always swim complete laps. Avoid stopping in the middle of the pool for any reason; this can interfere with other swimmers or cause collisions
  6. Always yield to the faster swimmer
  7. Passing: If you need to pass, move up to the swimmer and tap their foot. It is inappropriate to grab or pull the other swimmer, tap is an intent to pass. Passing must be initiated and completed before reaching the wall to avoid collisions. Be aware of other swimmers circle swimming.
  8. Slower swimmers should wait to push off the wall until the faster swimmer has passed.
  9. Slower swimmers should push off almost immediately behind a faster swimmer or group of swimmers
  10. If you have to stop for any reason, place yourself in the corner of the lane so that you don’t disrupt other swimmers.
  11. Staff may ask swimmers to switch lane for safety reasons

imgSplitting/Circle Swimming

  • Splitting or circle swimming is utilized to accommodate 2 or more swimmers using the whole lane
  • Splitting is done by dividing the lane in half; one swimmer on one side, one swimmer on the other side
  • of the lane, remaining on your side throughout the swim
  • Circle swimming starts on the right side of the lane and continues on the right side
  • Observe the speed of the swimmers in the lanes and select a lane that is appropriate for your speed